This is a quote by Microsoft Cloud Solutions Architect Aleksandar Dordevic.

To cope with the rise of electronic communication and Artificial Intelligence, we need a revolutionary different way of working.

Unless you are a digital native, you have to transform the way you work.

Reinvent the way you build your IT Infrastructure.

Many new versions of Cloud Technologies are being launched, but never a new version of work. We only add new things: more tools, more options, … On top of the old “production standards”.

New tools require a new way of working.

Not only User Adoption is needed to make the end-user aware of the benefits and conveniences of implementing those new tools in their current way of working, also the way to implement those in the current IT landscape requires “reinventing”. And that is also work. We may not think the new way of work is only for hackathons or early adopters in a home lab.

Engineer Machine
Engineer Machine.

Each IT individual should think about what the infrastructure should look like at 10 times the scale. Thinking about a 10-fold growth of systems tends to clarify the need for automation and deployment by code. There are certain inputs that inform your decisions and have a direct impact on the scale of your architecture.

Keep in mind that Serverless computing will be the future infrastructure. This means that the well-known VM’s that hosts applications today, will be converted into a serverless architecture. Implementing those resources by an automatic deployment strategy will be the key to auto-scale your infrastructure.

This new way of working requires a shift from a project-based organizational structure to a services-based organizational structure. Companies should create small teams that are empowered to quickly investigate on new features and provide those as a service to their customers. When some services fail, they can learn from feedback and experience, so they can concentrate on agile models of operation and go on with improving the service.

No company has 20 years of experience with cloud computing, so we all must investigate time to learn new cloud technologies.

Microsoft Azure

image-left Deploying infrastructure on Microsoft Azure has to be done by Infrastructure as Code. We can provision infrastructure and handle dependencies in one seamless cycle through Azure Resource Manager templates (ARM templates). Azure Resource Manager is the deployment and management service for Azure. It provides a consistent management layer that enables you to create, update, and delete resources in your Azure subscription.

Benefits of using Resource Manager:

  • Repeatedly deploy your solution throughout the development lifecycle and have confidence your resources are deployed in a consistent state.
  • Manage your infrastructure through declarative templates rather than scripts.
  • Define the dependencies between resources so they’re deployed in the correct order.
  • Apply access control to all services in your resource group used by Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).

We must rethink and transform!